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Complex Undercuts / Advanced Core Pulls
By utilizing Metro's rapid manufacturing of plastic injection molds, slides, lifters, or core pulls are used to obtain the part exactly how you need it in production without any secondary machining steps to create your final geometry on the prototype level part.

Sharp/Square Corners
Some production intent parts have geometry requiring sharp/square corners. Metro's rapid injection molds are constructed in way where this is possible. Other than using standard cutters only to machine the geometry of the part in the core/cavity of the prototype mold, Metro Plastics goes one step further. Sharp corners can be created by multiple methods by utilizing mold inserts, slides/lifters, or the typical EDM process. Although this done further complicate the mold construction, you will get the part you need to verify the design.

Deep Ribs
For larger or complex parts, the goal is to minimize part volume which in turns minimizes part cost due to less material. Ribbing is an excellent method to decrease part volume while adding strength to the part. Standard CNC cutters are only so long creating limitations on rib depth. By utilizing core/cavity insert schemes, slides/lifters, or the EDM process, deep ribs can be created to meet the part requirements.

Intricate/Detailed Geometry by EDM
Small or detailed geometry can be rather difficult to achieve with the standard CNC milling operation. By using the EDM process, extremely complex geometry can be generated.

Part Size
Our rapid tooling capability virtually has no size limitation. Parts as small as a raw material plastic pellet and parts as large as a golf car body may be achieved.

Plastic Material and Color
Other than the typical commodity resins available, Metro's rapid tool manufacturing has the capability and wiliness to obtain the engineering grade resin your project requires. Material may be procured by Metro Plastics or acquired from your own inventory.

Many companies today have a specific color requirement. Metro will obtain the exact color which is required by using Pantone designations or a color sample provided by the customer.

Click Here for examples of complex geometry by Metro Plastics

Metro Plastics Technologies' core business is custom injection molding. Being that we are injection molders, we are experts in tool design and quality with the intent to make molds last long as possible for a production scenario. We also understanding prototype injection molds are necessary in most application to prove a design before building a multiple cavity production mold. With that being said, the prototype mold must produce exactly what your production intent should be with no limitation in order to prove your design completely.

Design verification is the number reason for a prototype injection mold. Many other rapid injection molding sources have limitation to there own capability. By utilizing our multiple global partners, Metro virtually has no limitations as long as it is injection moldable in the first place.

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