Production Materials

  • Plastic parts in as little as 2-4 weeks
  • Complex Tooling: Slides; Lifters; Undercuts; Core Pulls and More!
  • All engineering grade materials available
  • Quality tooling with no compromise

Production Materials

For your rapid injection molding project, several options are available to meet the projects material requirements.  We have numerous material in our inventory including basic colors.  If you project requires a specific grade of material, Metro can procure the material or may use material provided from your inventory.

Commodity Resins:

Metro can provide basic commodity resins such as polypropylene and polystyrene for your needs. If parts are to be ran at Metro's facility, please see our data sheets for the current materials we have in-house. If parts are to be produced at our tooling partners, their typical resins will be used. A data sheet may be provided upon request.

Engineering Resins:

All engineering grade resins may be used such as polycarbonate and acetals. Data sheets are available for our most common in-house engineering resins. If a material data sheet is not shown for the material being requested, please contact Metro Plastics.

Data Sheets:






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